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Mobile First

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If your website isn't responsive to all screen sizes, you are missing out on much traffic and potential customers. All client websites are built in HTML5 / CSS3 via Bootstrap (mobile first) framework.

Lead Generation

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Lead generation and measurable results for your website and web assets are a result of quality design and remarkable content that is found by the right audience at the right time in the buyer's journey. 

Inbound Marketing

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The tactical and systematic approach to attracting your target customer, converting them into a lead, closing them to become a customer and then continuing to delight them after the sale.

Project Management

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PMP Certified - 15+ years of experience to collaborate and craft the proper plan for your success, execute on that plan,  consistently monitor and analyze results to enhance and maximize outcomes.   

Plan. Execute. Analyze.

What is Inbound Marketing? Click to view video.

LEARN.   Click to watch the video and read the ebook. Take 15 minutes and learn about inbound marketing. It's how many of your customers make purchase decisions today. Are you in front of them? 


MEET.   If you're local let's grab a cup of coffee or meet via phone/webex. We'll discuss your website and your goals. What's working? What's not? Why?


PLAN.  The first step is to throughly understand your customer (buyer persona), their habits and online patterns, along with your position in the marketplace, and put together a comprehensive plan to attract, convert and close new customers and delight existing ones with remarkable content.


DESIGN / INBOUND.   Your website design (and social channels), along with usability, functionality, ease of use and quality of relevant content will determine your ability to succeed with inbound marketing. Executing on your plan with excellence is the differentiator.


ANALYZE / MONITOR.   Constant and consistent analysis of what is working and what is not will determine future direction and strategy. Monitor your competition and benchmark your success.



National Apartment Site

Redesign and relaunch of Apartmentfinder.com - leads per 100 visits increased by 3X. A fresh and uncluttered design with clear, and fewer CTAs (calls to action) made a tremendous impact for customers.


National Real Estate Site

Redesign and relaunch of RealEstateBook.com - agent visibility increased 800% with fresh look and lead activity increased 1.5X. Less clutter and improved functionality improved time on site by 30%.


Home Improvement / Design / Luxury 

Redesign, relaunch and version control for 20+ consumer facing websites for the largest publisher of Real Estate magazines in the country. Overall Monthly Uniques increased from less that 1M to over 3M.


Real Estate / Auto / Jobs 

Launched CareerBuilder/JobCenter across 18 newspaper and TV markets, launched Cars.com in 9 markets, Real Estate verticals and Apartments.com across network; annual revenues increased from $3M to $12M annually.



Oversee largest website in Jacksonville. Audience market share increased from 15% to 33% and annual revenues from $3M to $9M; NAA award for Best Real Estate Strategy for any newspaper website in the US.


Single Tenant Net Lease

Niche Real Estate and Investing website. Designed and launched site that caters to high net worth individual investors interested in ROI between 6% - 9%. Combination of Inbound Marketing and PPC.


Society for Personality Assessment

Long time customer, facilitate Webmaster services and oversee Backend Database to manage all internal processes. New, mobile-first and responsive website (built with Bootstrap) in progress for Aug '15 launch.


Roe Racing

Inbound marketing, Analytics, SEO consulting for Roe Racing, the world leader in high performance parts for Dodge Vipers. Long time customer and childhood friend is CEO.