Weyer Web Works

I started consulting and doing contract work in 2011 when my corporate career took a detour and I had to care for my parents and oversee their affairs. My dad had dementia/Altzheimer's (passed in '12) and my mom had COPD (passed in '13). It wasn't hard (at all) to make the right decision to focus on my parents, and I have no regrets. I got to spend some of the best time with my mom during her last 18 months (I wouldn't have traded a second of that for anything); I also got to see my dad get the best care possible and be there for him, even when he wasn't able to realize it. 

Experience. Results.

  • Over (50) website launches / relaunches since 2000
  • Over $39M (annualized growth) for clients
  • Increase of over 60M unique website visitors (aggregated monthly)
  • KPI growth of over 20M (measurable leads, aggregated monthly) 

I rebranded my consultancy to "Weyer Web Works" in the summer of 2015 and made the decision to become a Certified Partner of HubSpot to better serve customers. Having facilitated web projects for over 15 years utilizing dozens (and dozens) of types of disparate software to manage various aspects of web design / build / marketing / keyword research / CRM / email / ROI, I came to the realization that to go to market effectively, I needed the best "all-in-one" software solution. HubSpot provides that. I've known for years the power of inbound marketing; now we're armed to help clients utilize HubSpot for their success.

Niche. Marketing. 

We specialize in helping companies carve out a "niche" in their particular industry. Larger companies tend to have a lot of resources, expertise and capital to go to market. (I worked for large media companies for over 20 years, so I'm very aware of the strategies and tactics). Weyer Web Works prefers to work with companies that would rather become dominant in a particular niche than try to compete head to head with larger competitors. The nuances required to effectively create and execute on an inbound marketing strategy apply across industries — B2B, B2C, etc. — but require deep understanding of the process and of your needs.  

Teamwork. Synergy.

A few keys to success are to surround yourself with bright people and to collaborate with clients to truly understand needs and create synergy to execute and project manage with excellence and integrity. The Weyer Web Works leadership team brings a combination of experience, marketing, project management, content, creative, UI-UX and coding expertise to help your company achieve its goals. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you.