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How much does it cost to build a website?

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Let's look at factors to redesign your website 

Website Build - How Much Does It Cost?

(This is the 1st of a three-part blog series on the costs surrounding redesigning, building and maintaining a website. The second blog gives specifics on website maintenance and the third blog has information on website updating). Having facilitated over 50 website builds, launches, relaunches, designs and redesigns - the range of the investment into the websites we've managed are between $4000 to well over $250,000. While focusing on Inbound Marketing and Web Design projects the last few years, the title of this blog post is the most frequently asked question we get: "how much does it cost to build a website"? This also causes the most confusion (i.e. - frustration) for the person asking - because the answer is always a range (and they are looking for an absolute number). 

What determines the range for the cost of a website build?

It's a great place to start. Using an analogy of buying a car, the price you pay for a new car is going to be totally dependent on features required, packages, incentives, trade-in of an existing vehicle, etc.

Weyer Web Works follows the same structure for every website build (read about the process here). There's a reason your company is considering a redesign of your website (or a new company is planning its first website) and we need to uncover some important information up front before we ever get into cost.


  • What goals you are trying to achieve?
  • What audience(s) are you trying to attract?
  • Who are you competitors?
  • What keywords and phrases would be beneficial for your company to rank for?
  • Do you plan on adding content to your site over time (via a blog for example)?
  • Do you know how your current site has performed? 
  • What metrics have been / will need to be measured to determine success?
  • Who will write the various content for each page of your site?
  • Do you have imagery or video that you would like to add, or do you need someone else to facilitate on your behalf?
  • How many pages will your initial website be?
  • Do you need reporting and analytics?

There are many more bullets I could put down - but the first part of the "range" that determines cost are the answers to these type of questions

DESIGN (including UI-UX / Wireframe)

  • Do you want a Custom Design?
  • Will an Existing Template site work (customized to your brand)?
  • How many iterations of design are required?
  • Is there a particular CMS (content management system) you require?
  • Are there other sites that you would like to emulate?

Answers to every one of these questions have a big impact on cost. Custom designs, by definition, require time and expertise and in most cases, numerous iterations. The use of Templates in many cases will reduce costs. If you have a particular affinity for a CMS (such as WordPress) we have options to utilize templates there as well (there are thousands to choose from) and we can build custom sites and import them into a custom theme. 

CODING (site go live)

We have enough bullets so far but the cost for this section is completely dependent upon all of the answers above. Let's get into some details on what others invested in their websites.

What are average costs for Website Redesigns?

Average Cost of Website Redesign

Based on a HubSpot study (please read) in 2013 of 100+ consumers, 100+ marketing, 100+ agencies; the average cost of a website redesign was $38,572.

In the same study it showed that costs for companies that facilitated the same - but did it with in-house resources, the average dropped to just over $30,000.

Here are a few other links to websites with information on Website Costs:

What are our Investment Ranges for Website Builds / Redesigns?

Base Cost to Build a Website (range)- $10,000 to $15,000

  • Includes Business Goals / Content planning (we won't facilitate without this step - it's that important)
  • Includes responsive website
  • The lower end of the investment range is for a pre-built, HubSpot COS template
  • The higher end of the "base" range is for using other pre-built templates and adding time for additional customization, coding and design work
  • Assumes client has content available 

For companies that already have a lot of quality content and are looking for assistance to update their website and begin the process of turning their website into a lead generator, this is a viable option that is quite affordable (and quite a bit less than the average cost for website builds). 

Average Cost to Build a Website (range)- $25,000 to $45,000

  • Many companies want a totally custom design (which usually increases iterations)
  • In some cases more detailed analysis in the planning stage is warranted. Done correctly this phase includes interviewing customers, employees, stakeholders and doing a lot of intensive research
  • Custom coding is required in many cases
  • Content creation is most often under-scoped (lot of experience here) and takes a lot of planning up-front and overseeing of writers to facilitate (and professionally edit)
  • Photography or videography might be requested
  • Creation or Upgrading of Social Channels is commonplace

Inbound marketing helps target the right audienceThe deeper you dig in the planning phase and the better you truly understand your audience, their online habits and their pain points - the better the content strategy and site map will be. The end result of this upfront investment will pay big dividends over time as the new site is implemented. The ranges provided here are averages and the particulars of your website will vary based on your needs (and can be higher or lower). 

Pay Over Time 

Our company's passion is web design and inbound marketing (and we have a lot of project management expertise). Our company thrives on helping companies "carve niches" in their particular industry. Your new website is only a step in a larger process of inbound marketing. 

  • Every client has the option to pay in (3) payments / phases
  • Every client also has the option to spread their investment over 12 months (or longer) for their website build / website redesign as part of an inbound marketing program 
The abilty to offset a large expense upfront is welcomed and certainly budget-friendly.  Paying $1500/mo for an $18,000 website as part of a marketing program is many times more palatable vs paying that same amount over a 3 to 4 month project.

What you should know BEFORE you undertake a Website Redesign 

Take the time to learn what your updated (or new) website "must have". Download our FREE Ebook, "25 Website Must Haves". It is time well spent to increase your knowledge regardless of whether you utilize Weyer Web Works or opt to try to facilitate in-house. 

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