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How to create a niche market for real estate?

How to Create a Niche Market for Real Estate:

Let's begin with the definition of "niche" (courtesy of

 - a distinct segment of a market.

Our focus as an agency is to help companies carve a "niche" in their particular industry. One particular industry of interest is Real Estate and we have many years of experience in this category. (This is the first of two blogs on real estate niches, the second blog covers inbound real estate marketing strategy)

Niche Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Niche Marketing and Inbound Marketing are very synergistic... Our last post discussed the topic "What is a Niche Market?" and this post digs into the concepts of Niche Marketing and Inbound Marketing.  The high level idea is that your company already serves niches, the question is HOW to drill down to the proper niche and facilitate inbound marketing tactics to drive sales, ROI and market share.  (This is the second of two blogs on niches, the first blog covers "what is a niche market"?)

What is a niche market?

What is a niche? it is the "subset of the market on which a specific product is focused" (from our friends at WikiPedia). When doing research for this post, there are various similarities in the definitions and also differing viewpoints on the validity of pursuing a niche as a "go to market" strategy. Our view is slighly different and we believe pursuing particular niches is a way to differentiate your company and stand out in a sea of competition (This is the first of two blogs on niches, the second blog covers niche marketing and inbound marketing)

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