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How to convert leads for a small to medium-sized business

You work hard to generate traffic to your website - but if that traffic does NOT convert to leads (and, ultimately, customers), what is the point?  This is even more important for a small to medium-sized business. You don't have an unlimited budget to buy traffic, and how you convert leads from your existing traffic has a direct impact on your bottom line.  (This is the second two blogs on Leads for SMBs; the first blog covers how to generate leads for SMBs )

How to generate website leads for a small to medium-sized business

Even more important than the question, "How do I generate website leads for small to medium-sized business?" is, "What should I be doing to generate the RIGHT kind of leads?" Especially for SMBs, focused or targeted leads will translate into a much better ROI and improve your marketing metrics.  (This is the first of two blogs on Leads for SMBs, the second blog covers how to convert leads for SMBs) 

Impact of NOT Having a Mobile Friendly Website?

(image courtesy HubSpot)

In a prior blog post I wrote about the need to have a "mobile-friendly" website as a potential reason to redesign your website. HubSpot recently did a study to determine the actual impact of not having a mobile friendly website on traffic.  

Top 3 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

1) Conversion

2) Conversion

3) Conversion

Just like the 3 most important things in real estate are Location, Location, Location — if your website isn't converting to meet your business goals, then it's time for a change. (And I do list 3 different reasons to redesign your website in the blog post.)


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