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What are the benefits of inbound marketing?

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Inbound marketing benefits

Our recent post from a few weeks ago talked about high level differences beetween Inbound and Outbound Marketing (if you haven't read it, please do so here

The following quote from Guy Kawasaki has been around for a couple of years and sparked some interesting debate from marketers.

Focus on Inbound MarketingIf you have more Money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing. – Guy Kawasaki, former chief “evangelist” for Apple, Advisor to Motorola

I'm not going to suggest there's not a place for Outbound Marketing efforts in getting products and services into the marketplace, but it's pretty clear a paradigm shift has occurred with the power of information that the internet provides.  Inbound deserves a seat at the "marketing" table and its astonishing how many companies still don't utilize it as part of their core "go to market" strategy.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing?

  •  Influence

Inbound Marketing equals Content plus ContextDecisions on purchases (or whatever your company's goals are) are influenced by many factors. When your company embraces and implements inbound marketing, you have the ability (over time) to establish expertise in your field. By providing valuable information for potential customers as they progress thru their "buyer's journey" your company builds a connection. Content + Context = Inbound Marketing success. 

  • Warm (to Hot) Leads

When the content on your website is valuable for potential consumers based on their place in the "buyer's journey", they will become a "lead" to be nurtured. Not everyone is ready to buy as soon as they download an Ebook (for example), but they might come back to your site more frequently. They might sign up to receive an email newsletter. They might follow your company on Twitter or Facebook. In totality, all of this activity and their interactions will determine their true level of interest - and whether they are a "warm" or "hot" lead for your sales team.

  •  Investment Savings - Building an Asset - ROI

Every piece of new content that is created and every new (targeted) page on your website will expand the value of your website. A website with 100 pages of focused content is far more valuable to a company than a much smaller website. Each page has very specific keywords (especially if you follow the proper design process) that allow Google to rank. Each social media post further expands your marketing reach and increases the likelihood that your content will be found by strangers (potential customers) and linked back to as a valuable resource.

Inbound Marketing Builds ROI

The beauty of this? Work done today has a LONG shelflife of value - this CANNOT be replicated with paid advertising.

HubSpot is the recognized leader in Inbound Marketing and here's a quote from their blog post:

"Roughly 70% of the leads generated by the HubSpot blog are from old blog entries: Try doing THAT with paid advertising, and you’ll be sorely disappointed."

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