Web Design + Inbound Marketing = Leads

Design for Results

Planning Is Key

Always start with the end result in mind. Are you looking for leads for salespeople? Are you an ecommerce site and need visitors to convert to sales? Are you a broker and need visitors to convert to leads and ultimately sales?

Most companies start with design first and this is a mistake. Design must follow planning and planning must take into account your customers (buyer personas) — those who you want to become customers — and their stage in the buyer's journey. 

The proper sequence for website design:

  • Business goals first
  • Content strategy second
  • Wireframe user experience (UI-UX) to align 
  • Convert wireframes to designs
  • Then begin coding the designs into site pages

Always design with all screen sizes in mind. We utilize the Bootstrap mobile-first framework as the foundation for our website builds.



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Design Process

Inbound Marketing

Lead Generation

Inbound marketing is an overarching methodology utilizing numerous tactics to turn strangers into visitors, visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into promoters. 



Reaching the right "buyer persona" at the right time in the "buyer's journey" with the right content and the right call-to-action to convert them to leads and customers — this happens when strategies are created, goals are outlined and a project plan is executed.


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Inbound Marketing

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