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4 Core Services for Inbound Marketing:

1) Generate Traffic

Without traffic, nothing happens. It takes a combination of tactics to provide sustainable traffic. Books have been written on each tactic below that we will employ on your behalf: 

 - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO and its importance for inbound marketingDeep keyword research (part of the initial Business Goal process) results in keywords and keyword phrases to be strategically placed in parts of backend code and in on-page content so that search engines will generate relevant traffic for your personas as they search for various terms during the buyer's journey. Competitive analysis and rankings guide direction and ensure keywords are attainable and worthwhile. Link-building efforts will help establish prominence and expertise to improve rankings along with reviews, citations, geotagging and more. Monitoring over time will focus and refocus future efforts. 

 - Content Creation - Blogging 

blogging and its importance for inbound marketingEvery page of your website serves a purpose and is an opportunity to rank for a keyword or phrase. More pages means more chances to rank. When we go through the design process, the content strategy step provides direction on which pages should be part of your core site to make sure the various products or services you sell are relevant and ranking for traffic. The real value comes when blog posts are strategically added over time  a minimum of 2x per week (more is better). Blogs influence purchase decisions by leveraging customer language and topics. Having an active blog will help you website index more pages and rank better, as well as create more top-of-the-sales funnel content to attract more leads. 

 - Social Media - Sharing 

social sharing and its importance for inbound marketingAn integral part of driving traffic to all of that new site content (core pages and blogs) is via the power of social media sharing. When connected to SEO and content creation, social media can help your business boost its search engine rankings, build relationships, manage and strengthen its brand, and promote your positioning as a thought leader and innovator. Every industry has preferred social sites for sharing and conversing. We can identify the social platforms in which your industry participates and inject your brand into that conversation so you allocate your time and resources to those platforms that will yield the highest ROI.

2) Lead Generation

If the traffic generated from step 1 isn't converting to leads, you aren't getting a return on your investment. The answer is lead generation through premium content offers, landing pages and calls-to-action that match your personas and the buyer's journey. 

Lead generation and its importance for inbound marketing

3) Conversion of Leads to Sales

Lead conversion and its importance for inbound marketingIf leads aren't being followed up with, then an important step is missing. All of your site visitors who download various content, sign up for various offers, etc. need to be followed up with, either by a human or in an automated fashion. Part of that followup will be deeper content offers (to help those in the top part of the buyer's journey funnel move through), which invite leads to access more of your content. They self-qualify by opting into these offers. These offers are presented through email marketing and lead nurturing.

There will likely be content that makes sense for segments of leads to see, which we can determine by the content on which their original conversion event was based. Content to help them continue understanding their problems or needs can then be deployed. Lead nurturing and segmented email campaigns can be used to better target leads after they've converted on your client's site and kick off a series of actions intended to generate sales.

4) Analysis and measurement

Analysis and measurement and its importance for inbound marketingBased on your business needs, Weyer Web Works will be tasked with lead generation on your behalf. We will focus on various conversion metrics and the performance of thier landing pages to align with your personas.  Utilizing HubSpot’s analysis tools will determine which marketing campaigns are generating leads, which of those leads are "sales qualified leads" and how to best tailor content for greater impact.

Marketing. Pulled. Together.

Weyer Web Works can simplify your marketing efforts by pulling everything you need together in one place - to help grow your business. CMS for your website, blogging, lead nurturing, landing pages, SEO, analytics, email, lead management, social media, A/B testing, mobile, and sales intelligence.

marketing efforts pulled together for inbound marketingOrchestrated in unison, all these tactics can drive traffic, leads and sales - and delight existing customers so they become promoters and begin the cycle anew.

Can this be done with disparate software?

15+ years of experience say the answer is "Yes" to "Somewhat" (for larger companies that have resources to pull data together from disparate sources) / and the anwer is "Somewhat" to "No" for SMBs.  

Time is money. Your time, the time of people you work with and the time of those you employ (such as an external resource to facilitate marketing) - all are valuable. The more focused you are with resources, the more important an "all in one" software solution becomes.

Inbound marketing is like a puzzle. The pieces themselves cannot stand on their own but, when they are put together, a comprehensive strategy that interlocks the pieces will create success. 


inbound marketing puzzle